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Our Vision
“The Gifted Vocation” acts as a catalyst, together with the Holy Spirit, to create transformational change by leading individuals, parish staff, leadership & ministries in the unearthing, exploring, and expressing of their God-given gifts and talents.

This dynamic process takes place through one-on-one coaching, customized group workshops, seminars, and retreats. “The Gifted Vocation” programs are designed to assist individuals, work groups and ministries in achieving greater self-awareness, clarifying their roles in difficult situations, creating self-generated solutions & strategies, and developing effective action plans; all of which result in dynamic change for the individual, more engaged faith communities, and more supportive work environments.

Our Mission
“The Gifted Vocation” offers Faith-based career coaching for individuals, and organizational development for parish staff, leadership, and ministries.
Our programs incorporate faith, reason, and best business practices leading to the individual's unearthing, exploring, and expressing of their spiritual gifts resulting in the enhancement of their careers and greater organizational effectiveness. This unique combination of spirituality and best business practices results in transformational change, more engaged teams, and enhanced career and organizational management.
The results are that each individual is better equipped to fulfill their God-given purpose within the Body of Christ, while enabling them to live more fulfilling and abundant lives.
Whether one's career is in the secular corporate or sacred Church setting, or even if one is acting in a volunteer capacity, each individual's increased knowledge of their spiritual gifts allows for new insight into career direction & management and more effective group outcomes and action plans.
Recognizing that each individual has value and worth, because each of us was created in the image of God.
This will be accomplished through creating an environment where both clients and employees are held accountable to their self-directed goals while being treated with dignity, respect, compassion, and integrity no matter what their background, cultural heritage, lifestyle, or beliefs. This open and compassionate environment enables people to connect at a deeper level with the guidance of the Holy Spirit while facilitating self-motivated change.


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